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Hi, I'm Scott Rickard. Welcome to my profile!

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Scott Rickard is a former American intelligence linguist and veteran of the communications technology and national security industries. For over three decades, he's worked with national security and international service providers, software developers, product manufacturers, and government, aerospace and media organizations in the Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Communications Security (COMSEC), Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), and communications and information technology arenas. Early in his career, he worked closely with a number of national and international governments and intelligence agencies to analyze and prioritize intelligence collection efforts, and validate messaging of key international developments. With the rapid development of open source intelligence over the past two decades, he has continued to use emerging technologies, media platforms and other informed resources to monitor, gather, corroborate, assemble and communicate fact-based research and analysis of a wide variety of national and international business, technology, geopolitical, military and financial affairs. His international intelligence and business diversity foster an independent and non-partisan perspective that encourage both pragmatic and principled analysis of economic, political, and international defense and security policies with a goal to inform and prepare others to help shape and elevate key business solutions and national and international security policies and initiatives.

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Technologist & historian tweets geopolitical #OSINT, #CounterPsyOps, #ISR, military & economics.

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